The Frontier - Boreal Gardening Program in Leaf Rapids is funded by Frontier School, Northern Healthy Foods Initiative, and Northern Manitoba Food Culture and Community Collaborative, with support from Town of Leaf Rapids, and Green Team initiatives. The program involves raising the collective awareness of northern communities to the benefits of growing food to foster healthy human beings and cultivate sustainable systems. The main focus of our efforts is to facilitate educational experiences and be an example of how to grow in the boreal forest. This is an ongoing process, and we are all learning together as we go along.

Finding which plants are best suited to the boreal climate, as well as developing plants to be more adapted to the northern environment and helping with northern food sustainability. Leaf Rapids is at 56 latitude where the bulk of the program work is done. We have neighboring northern communities whom we would like to work with and schools in the program.

In Leaf Rapids, there is a tunnel green house built in 2008, a shed green house built in 1981, surrounded with garden beds, cold cover systems and a 1 acre expanding nursery. There is also, an indoor instructional area in the Leaf Rapids Frontier School. The educational aspect are emphasized heavily; using the faculties we will share our info and knowledge to as many as possible. These and other areas are lead by Brian Trewin, and maintained or assisted by Ervin Bighetty, Chuck Stensgard, Christopher Brayley, Caroline Brayley with help from students, volunteers and many program participants during the time we have been around.

Food grown from the Gardening Program. Food close to home reduces transportation, therefore reducing the overall carbon footprint we have and increases the nutritional quality of food for people and creating jobs within the community. Gardens are in many ways a sustainable endevour that we encourage everyone to practice!

For more detailed information about the boreal forest visit: wiki boreal forest .